We combine the best of nature and science



Our products are based on a synergistic combination of active substances obtained by gentle extraction from plants and microalgae, often found in extreme environments. This extreme origin is one of the reasons for their high efficiency. Another is that we consistently use only standardized raw materials, where a high content of active substances is proven. We are only satisfied when our products are extreme: extremely effective.

The highest standards

There are great differences in the quality of natural, especially herbal, active substances. Weather, growth and harvest during cultivation play a role here. NEOBOTANICS ® uses exclusively standardized raw materials. This means that the main active ingredient of the raw material must always have the same controlled concentration and quality.

Advanced know-how

NEOBOTANICS® products are developed by our own research teams and manufactured based on current scientific studies and the latest technologies. This allows high-quality natural active ingredients to be formulated in a gentle and innovative way and to ensure their positive synergistic effects in the product.
The result: highly complex recipes with herbal substances that reinforce each other in their effects.