We combine the best of nature and science

"Our products are and always will be based on reliable scientific knowledge."

We are a Czech scientific and technological company focused on the development and production of highly effective cosmetics and innovative food supplements.

Our activity includes the development of unique active substances, gentle extraction of medicinal plants and microscopic algae, and the most modern methods of their application in the form of liposomes or nano-micellar forms, characterized by high biological efficiency in the body.

We manufacture products under the Neobotanics brand in our own laboratories in the Science and Technology Park of the Center for Applied Research in Dobříš in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Brdy Forest.



Research and development takes place under the strictest conditions in the laboratories of our parent company BIOCEN laboratories , where we use many years of experience in the development of highly concentrated active substances and preparations with natural active substances.

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Own research and development

Our passion and expertise is the development of highly effective products that respect sustainability and environmental protection as well as user safety. The heart of our company is the laboratory, where we bring innovative ideas and products to the world.

We have been developing and producing dermato-cosmetics, innovative food supplements, superfoods and organic products since 1993.

Founder of the company BIOCEN Laboratories, Doc. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, Ph.D., has been leading a number of large research projects and centers since 2009, in which unique innovative NEOBOTANICS products are created based on a number of original Czech patents and utility models. Our experts participated in more than 15 state-supported research grant projects, focused on research and use of unique natural bioactive substances from microalgae and medicinal plants to support health and beauty. For these activities, Petr Kaštánek received the VISIONARY of the Year award.

We use the research results in the development of NEOBOTANICS products. We also discover new effective substances on our expeditions, either to the Amazon rainforest or, most recently, to the icy Antarctica for unique snow algae and lichens that produce strong antioxidants.



Certification and quality control

With strict adherence to good manufacturing practice and a carefully set system of critical and control points (HACCP), we realize the production of cosmetic products and food supplements. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, we manufacture products in both conventional and organic quality.

We select high-quality raw materials that meet our criteria of a high standardized content of active substances and a clear origin. During the process, we then check the progress of the entire production. The result is safe, high-quality products that we are evaluating for EU marketing. We check the quality of products in our own operational laboratories and in external certified laboratories.


The harmony of traditional healing and modern science and research

The development and production of products takes place under the leadership of the leading Czech expert on bioactive substances, doc. Ing. Petra Kaštánek, PhD. based on a combination of knowledge of traditional natural healing procedures and current scientific research implemented in state-supported research projects. We are returning to our roots - to the use of organically produced traditional and forgotten local herbs with the potential for use in dermatology, cosmetics and nutrition to produce our preparations.


Bioactive, highly usable ingredients

We use carefully prepared bioactive extracts in our herbal food supplements and cosmetics. Where it is necessary from the point of view of usability for the organism, we use bioactive substances formulated into highly absorbable liposomes, prepared by our own developed and protected NEOMICELLE TM and NeoCellTech TM procedures.


A sustainable and ethical product

We have ABCert certification as BIO-food producers, in a number of products we use raw materials certified as VEGAN, RAW, BIO. When processing raw materials, we use gentle methods of green chemistry and apply internal principles of circular economy, using and recycling the maximum of raw material components. We have this experience thanks to the participation of our experts in the prestigious research centers BIOCIRTECH and BIORAF. Our company is a family company, with a tradition of research in the field of natural substances already in the second generation of academic workers.


Support of local producers

Herbs from our own eco-production and verified Czech family farms are used preferentially in production, under strict control of quality and content of active substances. In recent years, we have established research and production areas for a number of often forgotten traditional Czech herbs. For others, we use herbs from natural sources or from carefully selected growers and suppliers.


Vegetable capsules, suitable for vegans

In our products, where it is technically possible, we use vegetable cellulose capsules, suitable also for vegans, instead of cheaper gelatin capsules. We also avoid the tablet form, which is cheaper to produce, but uses a number of additives, such as amorphous silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate. We only use tablets if it is possible to make them without these additives, as is the case with BIO PURE CHLORELLA or BIO SPIRULINA.


Without GMO substances and treatment with ionizing radiation

We consider genetically modified substances unsuitable for the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics and do not use them in our products. We thus avoid treating raw materials with ionizing radiation, which can damage biologically active substances and deactivate enzymes.


Not tested on animals

When developing our cosmetic products, we use modern methods of testing substances in "in-vitro" tests, we never test on animals.


NO to unnecessary chemicals

In our food supplements, we minimize the use of unnecessary chemical additives such as artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives. Although these substances simplify production or extend the shelf life of products, they come at the cost of consuming substances that are unnatural for the body.

Doc. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, Ph.D.

a very unconventional Czech scientist, visionary and founder of the NEOBOTANICS brand.


MD Rene Vlasak

Expert advisor and guarantor of NEOBOTANICS. Founder of the company Prevence 2000 - one of the largest Czech workplaces, specializing in the treatment of chronic swelling and varicose veins. As an obesitologist, he has long been devoted to the problem of gynoid obesity and lipedema

Our philosophy

Our work is based on the love of both nature and science. We develop and manufacture the products we want for ourselves, our children and our parents - highly effective, clean, safe and healthy. We pride ourselves on the purity of our raw materials and the fact that our products contain truly high levels of synergistic natural active ingredients.


Our research and final products have undergone special controls and have all appropriate certifications. Everything is done in the spirit of ecology, safety and environmental sustainability. We are Neobotanics and we are personally present at every step from research to final product.