We combine the best of nature and science

We develop products that we want to use ourselves. We rely on the purity of the raw materials and the high content of active substances. Both our research and final products have passed special checks and have the appropriate certification. Everything is done in the spirit of ecology and sustainability. We are Neobotanics and we are personally present every step of the way from research to the final product.

Natural raw materials

We believe that our products contain a high amount of active substances. With special technologies, we determine the mutual bonds of the investigated substances, and thanks to this unique approach, we are able to ensure a synergy leading to an increase in positive effects on the organism. We prefer raw materials and capsules of vegetable origin.

Own research

We personally participate in domestic and foreign expeditions for the acquisition of raw materials/source substances for the development of new products. It is our passion and driving force – to be at the beginning and subsequently at every step until a new effective preparation is created. Doc. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, PhD. so for his research he visited tropical forests and polar regions (Papua, Raja Ampat, Siberut, Amazonia - Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Laos, Greenland, Antarctica).

Quality development and production

We only use completely pure and strictly controlled raw materials. The control of raw materials and the entire process of development and production takes place only in Czech laboratories. Everything is under our supervision and our responsibility. We are present from the very beginning of the development through its production to the launch on the market. The quality and effectiveness of our preparations is our credo. We manufacture the products ourselves in our laboratory in the middle of the Brda Forest.

Independent laboratory and quality control

We have our own quality control laboratories and work closely with the laboratories of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VŠCHT). We personally participate in all research.