Bioactive highly concentrated serum with extracts of iris and propolis with niacinamide and bioactive peptides for skin renewal with broad anti-acne and anti-aging effects. A comprehensive solution for problematic skin with enlarged pores, acne, loss of brightness and elasticity, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone (hyperpigmentation).

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Bioactive highly concentrated serum with extracts of iris and propolis with niacinamide and bioactive peptides for skin renewal with broad anti-acne and anti-aging effects. Thanks to its unique formulation, it provides a comprehensive solution for problematic skin with enlarged pores, acne, loss of brightness and elasticity, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone (hyperpigmentation).

Special composition developed by Doc. Ing. Petr Kaštánek, Ph.D., director of BIOCEN laboratories and founder of the NEOBOTANICS brand , combines the main natural ingredient - NeoActine IRIS (extract from three varieties of iris) with 20% niacinamide, propolis, bioactive peptides Reneseed and BB-BIONT , by fermenting the Arctic microorganism Arctalis and a number of other active ingredients for dramatically smoother, brighter and overall younger looking skin.

The serum is immediately absorbed, does not leave a greasy layer on the skin and is designed to be combined with any routine skin care procedures. Does not contain perfume or dyes.

▪ Reduces enlarged pores
▪ Unifies skin tone
▪ Brightens and smoothes
▪ Hydrates
▪ Works against wrinkles
▪ Soothes
▪ Supports collagen production
▪ Increases strength and flexibility

Main active ingredients:

Niacinamide – an effective form of vitamin B3, a multifunctional substance that improves the appearance, structure of the skin and brightens the skin. Tightens and minimizes enlarged pores and reduces sebum production.

NeoActine IRIS (extract from three varieties of iris) – acts as an antioxidant and helps to suppress the growth of the bacterium Cutibacterium acnes, associated with the development of acne on the skin.

Reneseed Peptide (Nicotiana Benthamiana Hexapeptide-40 sh-Polypeptide-76) – shows activity similar to retinol and retinoic acid, increasing the production of collagen in the skin, smoothing wrinkles, brightening the complexion, increasing firmness and elasticity, effectively minimizing the size of pores and increasing hydration. After 28 days of use, the number of wrinkles was reduced by up to 42%, the depth of wrinkles by up to 37%, pores reduced by up to 44% and the complexion brightened by up to 42%. [1]

HyRetin (Retinol sodium hyaluronate) – is an ester of low-molecular hyaluronic acid and retinoic acid with anti-aging effects, which can safely penetrate deep into the skin without its irritation. In a study [2] it showed a 36% reduction in wrinkle depth, a 36% reduction in sebum production and a 25% reduction in pore size and a 43% improvement in skin texture after 4 weeks. In a study [3] on women with problematic skin, he demonstrated a reduction in the number and size of pimples.

Arctalis (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract) – an active substance obtained by fermentation of pseudoalteromonas microorganism from deep cold seas. It has an excellent firming and wrinkle-smoothing effect, restores hydration and the natural radiant appearance of the skin, while protecting it from digital pollution (blue light). The study [4] demonstrated within 7 days an increase in skin hydration by up to 150%, a reduction in wrinkles by up to 67%, a reduction in wrinkles around the eyes by up to 52%, and in 28 days an increase in the firmness and elasticity of the skin by up to 71%.

BB-BIONT (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4) – BB-BIONT™ protects the skin microbiome. It works against skin dysbiosis and helps achieve smooth, healthy and flawless skin. Visibly reduces surface irregularities and improves the appearance of acne scars after just one month of application [5] .

Propolis extract – effective soothing and antimicrobial effect.

Asian umbilical cord extract – supports collagen synthesis and has antioxidant effects.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid - actively hydrates the skin

[1] Study on 20 women, application twice a day

[2] Study on 14 women, 37-56 years old, application once a day

[3] Study on 16 women, 15-33 years old, application once a day for 4 weeks

[4] Study on 26 women, application twice a day

[5] Study of 7 men and 23 women, 18-39 years old. Combination to oily skin with scars, inflammatory spots and red or brown post-inflammatory spots.


Aqua, Niacinamide, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Propanediol, Bacillus/Folic Acid Ferment Filtrate Extract, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Iris Germanica Root Extract, Iris Pallida Root Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, 1,2- Hexanediol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Iris Barbatula Root Extract, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, Propolis Extract, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Nicotiana Benthamiana Hexapeptide-40 sh-Polypeptide-76.

Apply a few drops of the serum to the cleansed and toned skin of the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Use once or twice a day before applying the cream. For daily use, always apply SPF 30 or higher at the end.

Consume within 6 months of opening.

Customer Reviews

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Děkujeme za výborné hodnocení, Anno :-)
Alena za Neobotanics

Incredible product

I am blown away by how effective this product is. I have tried so many products in my lifetime, I have very sensitive and acne prone combination skin. From the first moment I used this product i had instant results. It stops breakouts in their tracks, heals them quickly and does not dry out the skin. It gives it a radiant glow and tightens and smoothes the skin also. I am so impressed I am back to stock up on this product in case it sells out as I am convinced it will be very popular based on my experience. I am excited to see the results over longer period of use as I have only been using for 3 weeks. Thank you for this miracle product, I have thrown away all my other products. I also love that it is not loaded with harsh chemicals like most acne products.

Claire, we are thrilled with how SKIN PERFECTOR #1 is helping you with acne-prone and problematic skin. We have had the same experience from our other customers, both younger teenagers and women age 40+. I myself also consider it a small miracle :-)
Thank you so much for your lovely review.
Alena for the Neobotanics team

Claire, jsme nadšeni z toho, jak Vám SKIN PERFECTOR #1 pomáhá na aknózní a problematickou pleť. Máme stejnou zkušenost dalších našich zákazníků a to jak mladších ročníků z kategorie teenagerů, tak i žen věku 40+. Já sama jej také považuji za malý zázrak :-)
Moc děkujeme za krásné hodnocení.
Alena za tým Neobotanics

Zázrak pro pleť

Netrpím vyloženě na akné ale sem tam se mi pupínek udělá. Pár kapek tohoto zázraku je však během noci dokáže smazat z povrchu zemského. V životě jsem neměla tak účinnou kosmetiku a to jsem vyzkoušela mnoho drahých značek jako např. Biologique Recherche…s výsledky to absolutně nelze srovnávat. Miluju Neobotanics!

Michaelo, my si myslíme to samé, Skin perfector je náš malý zázrak
Děkujeme za podporu :-)
tým Neobotanics


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