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Overview of the most important research projects Doc. Ing. Petra Kaštánek, Ph.D.

  • FW03010400 PLANTACTIVES: Bioactive substances from organically produced traditional Czech medicines for use in dermatology, cosmetics and strengthening the body's defenses
  • TJ02000372: Biologically active substances of microalgae and plant stem cells for use in the cosmetic industry
  • FV30362: Cannabinoid-Infused Nanofiber Mesh for Major Surgical Wound Treatment
  • FV40186: Nanoencapsulation methods of bioactive substances for topical use in dermatovenerology
  • FV40103: Biotechnology of hemp cultivation for production of CBD products
  • TN010000048/04: National Competence Center BIOCIRTECH – Valorization of plant biomass by biorefining processes
  • E! – 10535: Development, combination, formulation and encapsulation of bioactive substances from microalgae for skin care
  • TE01020080: Competence center BIORAF - use of plant biomass for the production of bioactive substances
  • QK1910300: Utilization of dairy waste for the production of new dairy products and food supplements with the addition of microalgae or their components
  • TE01020080: Competence center BIORAF - use of plant biomass for the production of bioactive substances
  • FV10155: Preparation of proteins, polysaccharides and carotenes by heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae with a reduced amount of chlorophyll.

Objectives of our research and development

  • to select locally growing traditional and forgotten medicinal plants with the potential for use in dermatology and cosmetics
  • develop procedures for their sustainable production in the mode of good manufacturing practice
  • optimize the gentle extraction of bioactive substances or fractions with the aim of maximizing biological activity
  • identify bioactive substances and possible contaminants
  • verify the biological effects, especially on wound healing, skin regeneration and support of the body's natural defenses
  • connect doctors, pharmacists, botanists and biotechnologists with experts in phytotherapy, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle
  • formulate the obtained active substances in the form of nano-micelles and liposomes using natural surfactants and thus increase their effectiveness