Green barley - a source of vitality from the virgin landscape of New Zealand

Powder from green BIO barley is intended for the preparation of a fresh green drink containing vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and fiber. It is a rich source of nutrition and vitality and helps protect cells from oxidative damage. It contains folic acid, which contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, the proper functioning of the immune system and normal mental activity.

To prepare the product, young sprouts of green barley are collected, which is grown organically (BIO) on a certified organic farm in one of the last virgin corners of our planet - New Zealand. The land of glaciers, lakes and pristine nature provides ideal conditions for cultivation - suitable climate, soil rich in nutrients and other pure resources (pure water, uncontaminated air, etc.), thanks to which the crop acquires a full, unmistakable taste and a high content of quality active substances.

In these ideal conditions, combined with high UV radiation, nutrient-rich barley grows, with a rich emerald green color, which is given by its high chlorophyll content. Only the upper parts of the barley shoots, which contain the highest concentration of active substances, are harvested. These sprouts are gently harvested at the right time, when they contain the maximum concentration of active substances, and after harvesting they are dried at minimum temperatures within 60 minutes in order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. From harvesting, through processing, packaging and transport, the process is very careful in order to preserve all the valuable substances and quality of the green barley.

Neobotanics® Green Barley BIO, in addition to premium quality, is also characterized by a delicious taste, which is achieved precisely in a very gentle way of processing.

Recommended dosage:

Take 1 teaspoon (approx. 3 g) daily. Mix the powder in 150 ml of water or fruit or vegetable juice and drink. Use a shaker for easier mixing. Do not serve in hot drinks to avoid the destruction of the active ingredients. It can also be added to cold dishes - muesli, salads, yogurts, soups, etc.

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